Happiness For Sale

by Dennis Kobylinski

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11 track album //

Dennis Kobylinski and his melodic story of a restless, lonely soul, that only wishes to enjoy life here on this earth. Timeless folk filled melodies. On October 30, 2015, Kobylinski’s album “Happiness for Sale” was released.

An affinity for acoustic music has always been apparent. The acoustic pull drew him away from the riff heavy style of rock music, played by Kobylinksi with his band “Five Star Valley” and sent him a new musical direction. A new world, where the sung words has not yet lost its’ power and meaning. The outcome is the album “Happiness for Sale’” released in late October 2015.

The concept album, which carries the first installment of the story, tells of a young man, who takes to the road in order to find his fortune in the great beyond. The protagonist, troubled by doubt and unfortunate in love, is fleeing his soul sucking home. Head over heals he tumbles into a fickle adventure that completely takes control of the now and impending future. The obsessive thoughts of a past with no childhood, a chance meeting with a two faced character, who promises heaven on earth and a seemingly unimportant golden coin are the strange companions on his journey into nothingness.

11 original songs deeply rooted in the style of hand made folk music. Irish harmonies intertwine with Americana groove. Oriental rhythms appear as well as surprising funk passages. The wide variety of instruments - contra bass, drums, guitar along with violin, banjo, mandolin to accompany the two vocalist - allow for an absolutely individual sound that showcases the ability to interpret complex melodies.

Through his text, strongly influenced by Hermann Hesse, Dennis Kobylinski brings human nature to the forefront and with it a timeless and personal atmosphere. His music travels through all the emotions, from euphoria to melancholy - a world of extremes for the senses. Supported by poetic lyrics and emotional melodies, he encourages the listener to give in to impulse, to explore the world outside the daily ingrained routine and normality.


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved



Dennis Kobylinski Nuremberg, Germany

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Track Name: The Spark
I got my shoes on, closed the door
I'm sick of struggling all day long
Took a deep breath and myself began to run
To a place, to a place, to a place
I call my own

Left my trouble behind
'Cause I wanna see but I'm blind
I'm in search of a secret spark inside
It's a shy, shy beauty buried alive

Even the moment can't give me
The dime to pay my debts
Which I ran into on time
A pile of shards
Past's reflecting lights
Revealed by the sunshine
And weakness in my mind

Hey babe
Where are you goin' to?
Don't act out of anger honey
You know, you gonna get lost

Brown foliage, gorgeous beauty
Leached out on the ground
Trampled down by the feet of the people
Those who're walking aimless around

But out of nothin' a man crossed my path
Different from others, everyone knows who he was
Without saying a word he offered me his hand
A rollercoaster ride to the promised land began

Within two seconds
Catapulted to Mars
A clime which calls the spirit
I killed in the past
You want me back
But I won't go
It's a paradise I found in a hole

Hey babe
Where are you goin' to?
Don't act out of anger honey
You know, you gonna get lost

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